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Bakey– An over- fired tea.    

Brassy– A term seldom use for teas made by orthodox methods. May refer to a liquor with a bitter taste. A possible cause is un-withered leaf.    

Brisk– Having a ‘live’ characteristic. A tea properly fermented, correctly fired and well preserved, opposite of ‘soft’.


The Art Of Tea Tasting

"Only a highly skilled ‘Tea Taster’, commanding extensive experience and exposure can carry out the assessment & valuation of tea. The tea is generally assessed by the Appearance, Infusion & Liquor. A taster will look for Aroma by slurping the tea in, evaluating the subtle notes using a complex terminology."




Bright– A good colour and need not necessarily be coppery. A favourable characteristic, generally denoting a good tea.    

Coppery– Describes the infusion of a tea which is copper coloured. It is more an inherent character than one developed in the process of manufacture.​

Black- Leaf black in colour, a descriptive term usually applied to low-country teas and those made from high jat leaf. Most teas are black, but unsatisfactory ‘withering’, ‘under- rolling’ and excessive handling reduces the degree of blackness.    

Infusion (The infused leaf)