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Tea is propagated using ‘cuttings’ of mature shoots in a conditioned environment & then transferred in to

the field after 9-12 months.

Technically the process of manufacture begins when the ‘Two leaves & Bud’ are picked or ‘plucked’.

It is a process of making the green leaf to a ‘flaccid’ state by slow removal of moisture over 18-24 hrs. The tea will undergo both chemical & physical changes which is a pre-requisite for rolling.

By rupturing the leaf cells through application of pressure allows enzymes to activate.

Firing is carried out to arrest the fermentation, preventing any further chemical changes & the tea becomes black after going the through the chamber at high temperatures.

Grading & Packing
Then the tea is graded by the particle size using multiple sifters & packed in airtight aluminium layered container packs.

Colombo Auction is the largest single origin Tea Auction in the world & is administered in consultation with CTTA (Colombo Tea Traders Association)

The Process