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Samley White Tea

Silver Tips

Packing : 40grams Loose Tea (Glass Bottle)

The smooth, mildly sweet Silver Tips brew a remarkably natural form of tea. Silver Tips undergo minimal processing, thus ensuring a higher level of antioxidants. Silver Tips are the upper most buds - the unopened, delicate leaves that are covered with a silver hairy texture. This exotic pale yellow beverage, consumed without whitener or sugar, can be re-infused for a second cup.

Golden Tips

Packing : 40grams Loose Tea (Glass Bottle)

Exotic Golden Tips made of carefully handpicked single buds from a special variety of tea bushes grown in hills at a high altitude. The fine sheen of hair that turns into a Golden hue with drying of tea leaves, earns its name Golden Tips. Golden Tips - a connoisseur’s choice is an aromatic, flavourful tea for consuming direct without any whitener, any time of the day, is a distinctively smooth beverage.