Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea has been described as not only a geographical indication but also a pillar of Sri Lankan culture, heritage and identity. In over one hundred and fifty years, the name Ceylon Tea had become synonymous with the world’s finest tea.

Luxury Tea

Choose from a sought-after section of exclusive teas packed in vividly coloured caddies for the ultimate delight of passionate tea connoisseurs.

Signature Flavoured Tea

Infused with an irresistible aroma, it offers a fragrant cup of tea. It is indeed a great cup, whether consumed hot or cold, depending on the time of day.

Designer Tea

The designer teas are so different that there is a tea for every mood and every occasion. Exquisitely packaged artistic concoctions that can be appreciated all around are presented in borosilicate glassware.

Speciality Tea

A very rare selection of high-value teas to appreciate the art of tea our specialty tea has its own unique charm.

Gourmet Tea

Our Gourmet Teas present a supreme collection of fine flavour, aroma, and colour designed to heighten your tea drinking pleasure.

Gift Tea

A regal yet truly authentic range of pure Ceylon tea is presented in a luxurious presentation to gift, consume, and appreciate a dynamic sensation of distinctive flavours. A selection of modern contemporary craftsmanship with the best of Ceylon flavours is an excellent gift for your loved ones.

Organic Tea

The health benefits of organic tea are indeed many. Our organic, pure Ceylon tea leaves, robust and full-bodied, are the perfect cup to start your healthy lifestyle.

Wellness Tea

A functional brew of pure Ceylon tea with all-natural herbs offers multiple health benefits.

Elegance Tea

Same great blends of our designer tea range in more affordable yet elegant packaging. These colourful, well-designed packaging pieces are a great statement piece and make teatime fun as you brew your favourite tea for an overall tangling of the senses.

Everyday Tea

A must-have in a tearoom. An everyday tea.

Regional Tea

Ceylon Tea, which produces its unique characters from respective geographical regions, offers an incomparable experience to real tea lovers.

Heritage Tea

Authentic Sri Lankan designs unfolding out of a rich heritage spanning 2500 years is certainly an experience to cherish, combined with superior packaging with great tasting cup.

Iced Tea

Tea Ale: A non-alcoholic sensation

Tea Capsules

Infused with saffron, a delectable brew was created by positioning the capsule into the Nespresso machine. Entice you on a whole new journey of tea tasting.