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While Sri Lanka is renowned for its tea, this tiny island nation is blessed with rich spices and other cash crops that are respected and highly valued the world over. At Samley Tea, we are proudly behind the natural quality of our products and traditional product benefits.

Ceylon Spices

Ceylon spices have long been the most sought-after, respected, and highly valued spices in the world.

Ceylon Vanilla

Vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world. It is the only orchid variety that is used as a food additive.

Ceylon Cashew

For centuries, Ceylon cashews have been loved and treasured by many. The ideal climate on this tropical island,

Ceylon Coconut

Sri Lanka is also renowned for its coconut products, which have been exported throughout the world.

Ceylon Coffee

Ceylon Coffee sources all of its beans locally from the lush highlands of Sri Lanka. The experience of the growers,