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While Sri Lanka is renowned for its tea, this tiny island nation is blessed with rich spices and other cash crops that are respected and highly valued the world over. At Samley Tea, we are proudly behind the natural quality of our products and traditional product benefits.

Ceylon Spices

Ceylon is known for its spices from ancient times and has long been the most sought-after, respected, and highly valued spices in the world.

Ceylon Vanilla

Grown in cool climatic conditions, which help to retain its unique fragrance. Excellent for dessert making.

Ceylon Cashew

A tropical delicacy, whether roasted or salted, is packed to retain all its natural goodness. It can be consumed on its own or in recipes.

Organic Coconut & King Coconut

The soil composition and the tropical weather make Sri Lanka the ideal destination for farming coconut and king coconut.

Ceylon Coffee

Another Ceylon delicacy! You would be tasting one of the greatest arabicas in the world.